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Famous Outrageous - Celebrities Who Took Fashion to the Next Level

March 27, 2015

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think "obscure fashion" and then "celebrity"? We think about the likes of glamorous Lady Gaga, walking eccentrically down the red carpet of fame and success. To stand out from the crowd and indeed to embrace a bold fashion statement is something that requires bravery and will definitely separate you from the crowd. Unless of course, you are a celebrity - then you will be admired for your whimsical approach or applauded on your critique of conventional dress codes. Either way, these statements can have impulsive trendsetting powers and may become the next, "hottest" style to sweep the international fashion landscape.  Let's zone in on Gaga. She has raised the bar...

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SADM's Visual Identity - Let's Talk Logo

March 23, 2015

The logo of any entity drives home the visual appeal - and it's the first point of identification for target market appeal. The stylised colours and textures of a logo is aimed at catching the eye of perceived markets and to form a lasting impression with anyone who engages with a brand. Reinforcing an impactful visual identity becomes more advantageous in any fashion, media & communication and retail industry where logo exposure is apparent in every form of consumer interaction. Often brands ignore the views of their markets when it comes to objective views on branding, which is a shame because market-based opinions could be interpreted as a vital asset to the sustainable relationships that brands have with their consumers. At SA Design Marketplace, we...

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Black & Blue or White & Gold - #TheDress That Changed The Way We Look at Fashion

March 17, 2015

Recently, a picture of a A seemingly normal "blue and black" horizontally striped dress from the Roman Originals brand was posted onto a Tumblr fanpage by 21 year old Scottish singer Caitlin McNeil. She had no idea that she was about to fuel one of the most heated fashion debates of the century... Soon thereafter, a massive debacle took wind on social media, attracting attention from all corners of the world. The reason behind the uproar? Some people see the dress as black and blue whilst others perceive a distinct variation of white and gold. A hashtag trend was born, dividing the two opinions into teams, aptly named #teamblackandblue and #teamwhiteandgold. Interviews were set up, numerous topics about visual perception arose and even...

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Upcoming Autumn Fashion Trends

March 12, 2015

Have you noticed the leaves beginning to fall? The month of March symbolises the beginning of natural change as green metamorphosises into shades of sun-drenched orange, hazelnut brown and fruity yellow. The gusts of wind become stronger and swiftly throw around the loose pieces of earth beneath our feet. And in the fashion world, local brands are only concerned with one thing - what designs will best suit up in the contending wake of the Autumn season. Allow us to take you the sneak peak express as we uncover what will be trending in the South Africa scene this year... Let's first take a comfortable seat into the range of up and coming men's blazers. When the temperature has a measurable - but...

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