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Internship at SADM

July 03, 2015

It's July again, which means saying goodbye to a few of our interns. Three of our dutchies who worked at SA Design Marketplace for the last half year will give an insight into their life in Cape Town and their work experience. Natalie, Seb and Géraldine are the interns who learned, experienced and did great work for us. Natalie is a student of the bachelor “Communication and Multimedia Design", Seb is a student of the bachelor “International Business” and Géraldine is a student of the bachelor “Commercial Management”. All of them did internships related to their studies. Read about their experiences in the Mother City and at SADM.    Sebastian: My internship at Springleap in Cape Town, Cape Town is...

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Social Media Winter is Coming – Game of Thrones Infographic

June 30, 2015

The infographic below is Inspired by Game of Thrones and breaks down some of the significant “social media blockades” we’ve seen from the biggest Houses in the realm.  Recently, most of the biggest houses in the social media realm have quietly butted heads and blocked access between one another. Unfortunately these walls aren’t built to protect the citizens. While wars rage on behind the scenes, the users of these paths are beginning to find their favourite networks a lot less social and a lot less accessible Social media winter is coming... Are you prepared? Read more: http://blog.heyo.com/social-media-winter-is-coming-game-of-thrones-infographic/#ixzz3e5HUA6ta

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What to do with your old T?

June 23, 2015

Tired of that same old T-shirt your boyfriend is wearing? Or just want to spice up your wardrobe without spending to much money? There are endless opportunities for pimping up your shirt. We have put together 10 of the prettiest DIY’s to transform your out-dated T-shirt into a fashion item. The Stella T-shirt With some inspiration from the Stella McCartney collection, this sweet polka dots shirt was designed.It’s one of the t-shirts with the fanciest look, but also one of the easiest to make. Take some black jersey from a basic T-shirt with some polka dots tulle and a velvet bow, and your party top is ready! Find the instructions here.   The cross shirt This design is slightly more difficult,...

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From Smiley to Emoji

June 03, 2015

Remember the good old 80’s? Well we certainly do! It was the time of the parachute pants, pac-man, fanny packs, cassette recorders and our all time favourite: the smiley face. The smiley face has undergone many phases, but we all know the new version: the emoji. There are many versions of how the smiley face came into this world. But for the public eye it all started in the 60's with kids' TV "The Funny Company", which featured a crude smiley face as a kids' club logo. From this time on it started having many different purposes and meanings.  It was a logo in a campaign for a local company, State Mutual Life Assurance, to cheer up the employees. And a...

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