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What to do with your old T?

June 23, 2015

Tired of that same old T-shirt your boyfriend is wearing? Or just want to spice up your wardrobe without spending to much money? There are endless opportunities for pimping up your shirt. We have put together 10 of the prettiest DIY’s to transform your out-dated T-shirt into a fashion item. The Stella T-shirt With some inspiration from the Stella McCartney collection, this sweet polka dots shirt was designed.It’s one of the t-shirts with the fanciest look, but also one of the easiest to make. Take some black jersey from a basic T-shirt with some polka dots tulle and a velvet bow, and your party top is ready! Find the instructions here.   The cross shirt This design is slightly more difficult,...

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From Smiley to Emoji

June 03, 2015

Remember the good old 80’s? Well we certainly do! It was the time of the parachute pants, pac-man, fanny packs, cassette recorders and our all time favourite: the smiley face. The smiley face has undergone many phases, but we all know the new version: the emoji. There are many versions of how the smiley face came into this world. But for the public eye it all started in the 60's with kids' TV "The Funny Company", which featured a crude smiley face as a kids' club logo. From this time on it started having many different purposes and meanings.  It was a logo in a campaign for a local company, State Mutual Life Assurance, to cheer up the employees. And a...

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The Ramadan Collection

June 01, 2015

This week we spotted a new interesting clothing idea: The Ramadan collection.Spanish fashion label Mango is launching a brand new fashionable “Ramadan collection” for the Arabic fashionista’s. The collection will be launched on the 8th of June this year and can be purchased on the website and in several shops in Arabia.  The collection will consist of different clothing pieces; pants, dresses, tops and pantsuits, often decorated with rhinestones. All the designs are adjusted to the climate and culture. You will see a lot of long and wide dresses that cover up - but are very fashionable and made of light/ breathable materials. Even if you are not doing Ramadan, you will love the collection.. See a little sneak preview...

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The social experiment - The €2 T-shirt

May 25, 2015

Almost every one has done it at least once, bought an item of clothing for a bargain. A win/ win right? Looking fabulous for only a few rand / dollars... What most people are not aware of though, is that this comes with a high price. This April, Fashion Revolution came up with a brilliant idea to create more awareness about the poor labour conditions at clothing factories in third world countries.How did they do it? Just by showing the ugly truth behind the clothing.In one of the most famous squares in Europe, Alexanderplatz in Berlin, they stored a bright vending machine full of T-shirts in all sizes, selling for only €2 (26 Rand). When buying this T-shirt, the display in...

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